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Thread: Profile Evaluation : MS|MIS|Fall 2014|GRE 308|Toefl 96|Experience 2.9 years

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    Arrow Profile Evaluation : MS|MIS|Fall 2014|GRE 308|Toefl 96|Experience 2.9 years

    Hi , the following is my profile :

    GRE : 308
    (Quant : 160 + Verbal : 148)
    AWA : 3.0
    TOEFL : 96(Writing -28 , Reading -23, Listening - 22, speaking -23)
    Total Work experience : 2.9 Years in TCS
    Undergraduation Academics : 62% (6 Backlogs)
    Intermediate : 86.5%
    10th Standard : 84.5%
    Presnted 3 papers on various topics like Brain-computer interface, RFID.

    Want to go for a college which has high funding opportunites for my profile with less number of indian students and dont mind ones with mediocre popularity, but with decent job opportunites.

    Shortlisted Universities :

    Texas Tech University
    Northern Illinois University
    University of Oklahoma
    Oklahoma State University
    University of Arizona
    SUNY Stony Brook
    SUNY Binghamton
    University of Buffalo , SUNY
    University at Albany--SUNY
    University of Mississippi
    University of Cincinnati
    University of Nebraska--Lincoln

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    Hi I am also an aspirant for MIS with the below profile
    B.Sc in Mathematics - 87%
    12th - 80%
    10th - 75 %
    7+ years of work experience in IT
    and yet to do my GRE & TOEFL
    would you please advise if which universities can i qualify ?
    i am keen to pursue in the lines of IT hence if there be an alternate course i am happy to explore my options

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    Depends on how and where you want to do your MIS course, if you are aiming for the top 20 in MIS , Aim to :

    Score a 320+ gre score with a resume and SOP to die for(Mind you SOP is the key for top 20)
    Get a 100+ TOEFL (Preperation is the key, search in youtube for videos)
    Improve your communication, be confident and professional in your language.
    As far as foriegn Universities are concerned, your Extra cirriculars is as important as your academics(be it cultural,sports or anything else)

    Aim for these universities, since you have lot of experience :

    Carnegie Mellon
    University of Arizona
    Georgia State university
    ISU - B

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