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Thread: Urgent help required

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    Urgent help required

    Please comment on the following.
    I have an existing backlog in my transcripts as of now. Yesterday I found out that the backlog has been cleared. However the results are yet to publish and will easily take around a month. To make it worse, my deadlines are on 15th. Am looking for fall admission. I am considering mostly ambi universities for application. I have a gre score 328 and toefl of 113 if that is relevant in any way. I have 2 project (1 ongoing) and 6 internships. My cgpa is 7.9 from CEG, Anna University, Chennai. Should I proceed with my application using the transcript that denotes a backlog? My new transcripts will arrive only by the next month and by then I would have lost the deadlines. I would be grateful for any valuable suggestions. Reply awaited. Ty.

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    proceed with you admission its ok your profile is very good...

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