Thank you for visiting my thread. I am presenting my profile below. Please evaluate and give me feedback ASAP!

I do apologize for any mistakes, I am new, have read the Profile Evaluation Thread but being a Human, we are prone to errors. Please forgive me if my mistakes managed to frustrate anyone, I know everyone is busy.

GRE: 309 | V: 154 (69) | Q: 155 (69)
TOEFL: 116 | R: 30 | L: 29 | S: 27 | W: 30

First Year ME: 7.89/10 [ I am currently doing ME from FrCRCE Bandra, Mumbai & in 2nd Year now ]
Undergrad: 68.9% [ Final Year Aggr ]
Diploma: 80.61

Memristor: A Device for Modern Memory (Currently in progress)
ZiDACS: Zigbee based Data Acquisition & Control System (BE Project)
Retrofit Graphical LCD Display System for Elevators (Diploma Project)
A couple of miniprojects in diploma, BE and ME

Published 3 papers, Not in IEEE conferences but the local ones which call themselves International conferences

Secretary of Electronics Engineering Students Association.
Chairman of IETE Students Chapter
Organized 3 technical festivals while holding these respective positions

1. Current Project Guide & HOD, PhD. in VLSI
2. Current Embedded Systems and Advanced Processor Architecture Professor (Pursuing PhD)
3. Previous HOD (in BE) and Embedded Professor (Pursuing PhD)

Desired Major Course: Embedded Systems

Final List:

1. Univ. of Pittsburgh
2. Univ. of Texas Dallas
3. Clemson Univ.
4. Univ. of Cincinnati (Already Applied)
5. Univ. of North Carolina, Charlotte (Already Applied)
6. Univ. of California, Irvine
7. University of Southern California
8. Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

Please suggest any changes and also tell me how are these universities for me/my course and what other universities should I consider.