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Thread: For MS in MIS: GRE:320/TOEFL:112/ UG: 53.22% from UoP/ 2 years of relavant work ex

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    For MS in MIS: GRE:320/TOEFL:112/ UG: 53.22% from UoP/ 2 years of relavant work ex

    GRE: 320 (V158(78%), Q162(84%), AWA: 3.5(35%))
    TOEFL: 112 (R=29,L=30,S=27,W=26)

    BE in Electronics and Telecomm from University of Pune,
    College: Pune Institute of Computer Technology.
    GPA: 2.8/4 ( Got the transcripts from my "college"), aggregate Percentage : 53.22%

    Total 2 years 1 month of experience in software development.
    1.5 years of Work experience in Research and Development cell(Software) of a Software Product company (Zycus Infotech)
    6 months of Work Experience in Research And Development of Propellum Infotech( Sister company of Zycus, I was shifted to it when it was created)

    LOR from:
    1 from HOD: R&D Zycus
    2 from Professors of my college

    I am looking for an MIS program
    Aiming for :
    1) Carnegie Mellon University
    2) SUNY- Buffalo
    3) Texas A & M University - College Station (TAMU)
    4) University of Washington- I school
    5) University of Arizona- Eller
    6) New York University (NYU)
    7) Syracuse

    Will college GPA have a bad effect on my profile, as most universities ask for a minimum of 3?
    Does WES evaluation give a higher GPA than calculated by colleges?
    Do you suggest other universities ?
    Suggestions are welcome

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    Hi fiery.sagi
    Can you plz let us know which univ did you finally choose ? Looking at the univs which you were aiming, you were aiming for FALL intake 2014 ?
    Please update your current profile !!!

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