This was my dreamlist of universities: cmu, ucb, princeton, purdue and columbia. I am planning to do masters in embedded systems(electrical).
I have given GRE twice and my scores are below
GRE 1st time Q:152 V:145 AWA:3
GRE 2nd time: Q:153 V:141 AWA:3
I understand that these scores are bit low to apply to these universities. However, if I stand a slightest of the chance I want to apply to these universities, considering the fact that I have 75% in Bachelors of Engineering(Electronics & Communication), 4 IEEE publications, 3 years plus of research experience from IISc, Bangalore and 1 year of industry experience in CSR,one of the largest fabless Semiconductor Company.
Please let me know if I can apply to the above universities. If there is any change, please do let me know to which universities I can apply ? I am really confused. Please guide me

Thanks in advance