Got 310 n GRE - 162 in quant and 148 in verbal. got 3.0 in AWA. Got 98 in toefl. listening-29. speaking-20. reading-25. writing-24. Undergrads- 8.52. 12th-88%. 10th-84%. Did engineering in Instrumentation and Control Engineering. Want to go for M.S in EE specialized in control systems/ automation and control.
Got an International Society scholarship. Did internship at Reliance Industries Limited. Was the training and placement co-ordinator of the college. Was the Vice-president of the International Society chapter in college. Organised national level Technical festivals. Participated in various workshops. Have ample technical software knowledge.
shortlisted such universities. please classify dem according to safe/ambi/moderate.
1) University of texas, dallas,
2) University of texas, arlington
3) University of Southern California
4) Iowa State university
5) Rutgers University
6) University of North Carolina, charlotte
7) Oklahoma State University
8) NYU-poly
9) University of CINCINNATI
10)Columbia university
11) PEnn State univ
13) Arizona State University
14) Worchester Polytechnic Institute
15) Vanderbilt Univ

Please suggest me more univ