Kindly evaluate my profile and guide me in the process of university selection

10th : 83.4% (CBSE)
12th : 92.3% (BIE)
UG : B.E (Mechanical) JB Institute of Engineering and Technology, Affiliated to JNT University-Hyderabad
Average (8 semesters): 79.16/100
Topper: 86.3/100
GRE : 310 (149V + 161Q + 3.0AWA)
GRE Percentile: 40% V + 81% Q + 14% AWA
TOEFL :88 (R-20,L-28,S-19,W-21)

Work experience:None
Research Papers Published:none


Main Project:
Fabrication and Testing of a Thermo-acoustic Refrigeration system.
A working model was developed and Tested. Lack of proper funding and time constraints restricted the project to just testing if a temperature difference could be created and was successful to create a difference of 4 degrees using sound energy. Succeeding batches would charge and run the refrigerator.

Mini Project:
Manufacturing of a shell and tube type Heat exchanger. Was a theoretical project ,where we had to assess different stages of building such a HE and different maintenance and testing techniques used

Universities applied to:
I am applying to the following universities with specialization in the field of mechanical engineering (Energy Research and Manufacturing)
1. Arizona State University
2. Michigan Technological University
3. SUNY Buffalo
4. SUNY Stony Brook
5. Michigan State University, East Lansing
6. Oklahoma State University, Still Water
7. Clemson University, Clemson
8. University of California Irvine
9. University of Cincinnati
10. University of Florida
11. University of Illinois Chicago
12. University of Virginia

Please let me know if there are any other good colleges for that suit my profile and specifications. Thank you.