GRE-311 (V-144, Q-167)
BE(EEE) -63% From BITS-Pilani .I have an intern work ex (web design- 6 months),
want to take career in Microelectronics/wireless Communications/ VLSI/Embedded/Nanoelectronics,
Published 2 research papers (ISBN) and did 2 academic projects in CORE EEE(vertical handover in
wireless Communications, Study of hybrid Electrical vehical)
pls suggest colleges in MS in US for 2014.
is it possible to get scholarship with this profile.

Here are few colleges list which I'm Expecting...

PLZ Reply...

Purdue University
University of Maryland College Park
University of Southern California
University of California San Diego
Ohio State University
Texas A&M University
University of Colorado Boulder
University of California Irvine
Northeastern University
University of Central Florida
University of Texas Dallas