TOEFL-not yet given
ACADs(agg of 8 sems)-52%
Final Year Acads 60%
Work Ex: Working as a Telecom engg for IT Source onsite @ Morgan Stanley

Hello ,
Please evaluate my profile...
I want to pursue MS in MIS or CS...(specialization, Mostly in Databases, Networks or Games)

I have short listed 10 univ.
Please advice me whether it is correct or does it require changes:
1. USC Los Angeles
2. Rochester
3. UNCC Charlotte
4. UT Dallas
5. UT Austin
6. SUNY Stony Brook.
7. SUNY Buffalo
8. Syracuse
9. Pennsylvania @ Pittsburgh
10. SJSU
11. NCSU

Kindly evaluate and let me know i need to add or subtract any universities based on my score.

All the suggestions are welcome.

Please Please advice me