MS in Materials Science
Hi, I graduated in nanotechnology with 74%. The course is first of its kind and mine is the first batch. My gre score is 308(V - 148, Q -160). I Have a very good project from IIT madras and lors from the dept prof at IIT. Also, I will be joining a research institute and will be working on an ongoing project for an year. Hopefully I can get some papers later, but none at the moment. I can also get lors from the scientists at the institute. Plz evaluate my profile and suggest my chances of getting admits into the following univs for MS in Materials Science.
UT Austin
Northwestern University
University of Michigan, Ann arbor
North Carolina State University
University of Washington
Penn state university
Ohio State University
University of Florida
University of Cincinnati

Pls also indicate if Canadian universities are also worth looking
University of toronto
University of Alberta

Any other suggestions are also welcome, Thanks in advance.