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Thread: Profile evaluation (Fall 2013) Please help...

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    Profile evaluation (Fall 2013) Please help...

    Current status: 3rd year EE at IIT Hyderabad (Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad)
    CGPA: 8.65
    GRE/TOEFEL: yet to write
    interest: Information theory, signal processing, VLSI
    MS or PhD both are fine for me
    Internship: 1st year summer: scholarship (visited Japanese universities and labs)
    2nd year summer: 2 months internship in Nagoya university in signal processing
    3rd year summer(yet to start but got through campus interviews): Qualcomm, Banglore
    Projects: doing 3 reseach project, 1 completed
    Papers/publication: 0, (but may get one paper, chances are very less)
    extracurricular: Sci-tech Secretary of gymkhana (student body)

    Dream universities:
    1) Harvard
    2) Cambridge
    3) Yale
    4) Princeton
    5) University of Pennsylvania
    6) Cornell
    7) Oxford
    8) Stanford

    Please evaluate my profile. I'm little worried because my CGPA is less. Most my friends here at IIT say you need to be 9 pointer to get into such a universities. Can I still get into one of these dream universities? How much GRE or TOEFEL score will I need?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Pls do reply....

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    ur friends are right. These universities take the best engineers of the world. u need a lot of research experience to get an admit.
    UPENN----> ambi
    cornell----> Mengg (mod) MS(ambi)
    stanford----> v ambi( worth giving a shot)

    im surprised, MIT is missing in ur list

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    Thanks a lot for replying! I knew that MIT would be tough for me, so no point in adding that...!

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