I had a few questions about the LOR. Most universities ask for name and email ID of the 3 people who will give letters of recommendation. The college will email them the link to upload LOR directly.

1. Do I need to submit the final application for them to send the link to my 3 referees to upload LOR or will they send it as soon as I give the email IDs even though I have not yet submitted the online application and paid the fees?

2. Does the recommender (for lack of a better word !!) have to type in his recommendation in the website or upload a PDF/scanned copy of the letter on his letterhead?

3. How long does it usually take for the link to upload LOR to be sent to the recommenders?

4. Is there anything else the recommenders need to do, apart from uploading/typing the LOR in the link given in the email sent to them?

Would really appreciate any info on all this. Thanks in advance !