I am pursuing M. Tech in IE from IIT Kanpur and wanted to know about my chances of admits and fundings for Phd in IE.
My profile is as follows:
GRE : 318, Q : 161; V : 157; AWA : 3.5

UG: 76.06% from Govt College in Up. Highest (81%)
PG : 9.5/10.0 from IIT Kanpur

1. Multi echelon single indenture Inventory management for aircraft parts.
2. Simulation and process flow improvement of makeshift plant of a manufacturing firm.
3. Project on UPSRTC, which encompassed Plant layout, process improvement and stuff related to mileage increase in buses.(SUMMER INTERN)
4. Small computing projects.
5. Summer intern at NTPC, Vindhyanagar.(not much relevant to IE)

Work Experience: Nil

Publications: None till the time of application

Reco: Will get good ones from faculty at IIT-K with Phd abroad.

Applying to:
1. Purdue U
2. Ohio state U
3. UT at Arlington
4. Iowa State U
5. U of massachusetts, Amherst.
6. Arizona State U
7. North Carolina State U
8. University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

I wanted to know about chances I stand to get funded for Phd as I cannot afford the fee. Also, categorization in ambi, mod and safe would be highly helpful. Thanks in advance!