Please evaluate my profile, details are as follows
Acads :
10th - 90.92%
12th 89.33%
CGPA(UG Mech) 7.81
Current University : College Of Engineering, Pune. (Pune University, Maharashtra)
GRE : 307, V151(49 percentile) Q156(65 percentile) AW-3(14 percentile)
TOEFL:93 R-27,L-25,S-19,W-22
Applying to Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering
Specialization-Aerodynamics/CFD/Fluid Mechanics
Initial List

(i) TAMU CS (Aero and mech)
(ii) arizona state
(iii) NCSU
iv)University of Minnesota
v)Iowa state
vi)Missisipi State
vii)Colorado boulder
(viii) UO Texas, Arlington
(ix) university of Kansas
x)Concordia university Canada(Aerospace engineering)
xi)Mcgill uni, Canada (Aero/Mech)

Work Experience
Working with Tata Technologies in Engineering and Development, Aerospace dept from July,2013. I am working on projects in CFD simulations for Airbus. I will be having 1 year experience when I admit.
My work involves idealization of geometry for now. I will be working on meshing in later stages.(desired field of specialization)

Projects :
(1) Summer internship
(1 month) Tata Technologies in Engineering and Development, Aerospace dept. Completed project titled "CFD analysis of aircraft intake duct for Airbus A320".(desired field of specialization)
Learned tools like ICEM CFD and FLUENT to elementry level.
(2) College project- 6 months in FORBS MARSHALL INDIA LTD.
It is also in the field of specialization.
(3) I also completed 1 project titled Design and development of Distance to Empty device for two wheelers(Automobile Engineering). Prototype is ready and under testing. I presented paper for thiss project at various national level technical events.
Extra Carricular and Co-curricular
I participated in many extra curricular and co curricular activities.
Major being establishment of Aero modelling club (funded by college) to spread awareness about aerospace engineering and aero modelling sport. I headed it for two years.(related to Specialization)

Thank You