I want to pursue an MS in IE. The fields I am looking for is SCM/OR and Analytics. I am currently working in a decision sciences company named as Mu-sigma. I did my Btech in Industrial Engineering only and secured 8.3 CGPA on 10. I was the University third topper in the field of IE. I did my undergraduate project related to Vehicle Routing problem application to waste management process in our city.

I got many excellence awards in my company for the quality of work I delivered.

I have shortlisted the following universities for the same . Do let me know which universities are ambitious/safe/moderate for me and also suggest universities which I might have missed out.i

1. Georgia Tech
2. University of Michigan, Ann Arbour
3. Penn - State University
5. Northwestern University ( for analytics)
7. Virginia Tech
8. Wisconsin Madison

Also, could you please throw light on the future of analytics as a course. I could sense a potential in this particular field. but does this particular course has career prospects in the near future.