Hey friends , hear I'am stuck with a problem , please help me out .

I have applied to NYIT Old Westbury for 2013 spring , but my VISA got rejected .I deferred my I20 for fall 2013 ,and I got my VISA .Because of my health problems I was unable to attend the university this sem and I deferred it once again .This is the reply came from my university ....

Dear Shashank,

In order to defer to Spring 2014, scheduled to begin in January 2014, you will need to resubmit original updated sponsorship documents (affidavit of support and bank statement). We need original forms and with updated dates of issuance from the bank. We will begin issuing I-20 forms for the Spring in October 2013.

Before we can issue an I-20, you will need to be processed and reviewed once again by the admissions office. If you attend any schools during this Fall 2013 semester in your home country, please make sure to send us any updated documents for our records.

Please note that this is your second defer request. We will process this request shortly. Please just note that if you are unable to attend for the spring 2014 semester, no additional defer requests will be permitted.

I did not atted this sem (

1. Because my whole documents are passing through the admission section , will there b any problem ?
2.what will be my visa status when I don't get a I20 ?