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Thread: MS in CS for FALL 2014

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    MS in CS for FALL 2014


    I am Akshay. I want to do MS in Computer Science.
    Please evaluate my profile:
    GRE- 305 (V-149 Q-156)
    TOEFL- 91
    BE in Information Technology- Avg(70%)
    10 th- 83 % 12 th- 87 %(Major CS)
    Currently working in MNC and have got 1.5 yrs of work exp.

    List of university i am planning to apply:

    1. Northeastern University
    2. University of Texas Dallas
    3. Florida State University
    4. Clemson University
    5. Indiana University Bloomington
    6. San Diego State University

    Please provide me suggestions or your thoughts.

    Thanks n Regards.

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    San Diego State Univ: Safe
    Northeastern: Safe/Moderate

    UT Dallas: Ambitious

    Clemson, IU Bloomington: Very Ambitious

    Florida State Univ Talahassee: I have no information. However one may draw an inference from the fact that Florida Institute of Tech (84th computer school in US) which is ranked below Florida State Univ (63rd computer school in US) needs GRE above 310 for MS in CS.

    Suggestion: Try Univ of Southern Mississippi. Not only acceptance even chances for funding are high (cf. Sureshot Funding University for MS in CS)

    Do consider Univ of Wyoming (minimum 143v and 155q).

    Good luck.

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    Thanks a lot for information. I will do consider your suggestions.

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