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Thread: Please Evaluate my profile- MS in CS for Fall'14 GRE-301,Toefl-91

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    Post Please Evaluate my profile- MS in CS for Fall'14 GRE-301,Toefl-91

    Completed my Undergradutaion in Information Technology from Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad in 2012 with an aggregate of 77.6%(Topper's aggregate 88%)

    12th- 95.2%

    10th- 84.5%

    GRE: 301(Q-160,V-141) AWA:3

    TOEFL: 91 (R-19,L-22,S-23,W-27)

    Final Year Project in Teleparadigm Networks Limited, Hyderabad (A Mobile Phone Based Medicine In-take Reminder and Monitor, Android based smart phone application).

    4 Mini projects in College.


    • Won 2nd prize in JA India Business Competition for Hyderabad region conducted by DELOITTE.
    • Won 2nd prize in JA TITAN, a business simulation game conducted by E-Week’11.
    • Won 2nd prize in the event E-Quiz conducted as a part of E-Week’11.
    • Received a Letter of Appreciation for rendering excellent service as a team leader of the peer group.


    • Worked as a Co-Coordinator in our college technical fest ACUMEN’12.
    • Worked as an organizer in the college technical fest ACUMEN’10, 11 and as a volunteer in ACUMEN’09.
    • Member of Computer Society of India (CSI) participated in workshop conducted by it.
    • Participated in C-Programming & Cryptex event as part of CONVERGENCE 2K11.
    I am currently working in cognizant as Quality Analyst & will be having 18 months of experience by 2014 June

    Intended field of study: cs for Fall'14

    Universities I have shortlisted

    1. Univ of utah
    2. SUNY Stony Brook
    3. University of Arizona
    4. Arizona State University
    5. Indiana University-Bloomington
    6. University of Illinois Chicago
    7. SUNY Buffalo
    8. Northeastern University
    9. University of New Mexico
    10. University of Houston main campus
    11. University of Missouri Kansas City
    12. Louisiana State University Baton Rouge

    Please help me whether i can get admit & funding in these universities with my profile

    Please Include any other universities which are safe for my profile which offer funding.

    Thanks in Advance

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    (1).(3) (4) (5) (7) (9) (12).Very Ambitious

    (2) Ambitious.

    Univ of Illinois, Springfield: Moderate.

    Cleveland State Univ (minimum 158Q+137V) may be safe for you.

    Haven't you considered UoT, Tyler? Your profile fits well for UoT Tyler.

    If funding is very important, do look into University of Southern Mississippi. Pl see the link:
    Sureshot Funding University for MS in CS
    Your very good GPA will swing financial assistance from the USM.

    Good luck.

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    Shri Ganesh

    Please prepare a realistic selection list after carefully perusing the contents of the brilliant write up available in "msinus" titled "Profile Evaluation for MS in...".
    The link is:
    Profile Evaluation for MS in US

    Names of universities fitting your profile (in addition to the names contained in the previous post).

    Northwest Missouri Univ., Univ of Central Missouri, Lamar State Univ., Dakota State Univ., Colorado Univ (Colorado Spring), Texas State Univ (San Marco), St Mary's Univ, Texas

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the reply. I'll consider the options given by you. How about University of Memphis, Memphis TN. Will there be a chance for me in this university?

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    Univ of Memphis is categorised under GRE 308 to 315 (univ as a whole) and under GRE 310 to 315 for MS CS.

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