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Thread: GRE date on mid october.. is it fine?

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    GRE date on mid october.. is it fine?

    I am writing GRE on October 17th. Am I too late for November 31st deadline?
    ETS website says that the scores will be available within 10-15 days after test. Then, after it takes 5 -7 days for sending the score to universities. So, it will take minimum 20 days after test date for the scores to reach universities.
    But please guys, anyone with any prior experience, tell how is it in real.

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    Hi Asravan,

    I have chosen the GRE date for Oct end.
    So i think its fine. I need some tips for GRE Verbal and Quant.
    Also want to know how to prepare for GRE Verbal.?

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