My UG CGPA : 7.6/10
Topper's CGPA : 9.3/10

Revised GRE Scores
Quants Score : 166
Verbal Score : 150
AWA : 3.5

Department applying to Computer Science. (No idea about Specialization)

I have done an intern at Blackberry. I own a startup.
I may publish 1 or 2 papers very soon.
I have done some projects other than academics.

Below is the initial list of few universities which i made (I would like to prioritize my university based on placements or job oppurtunity):
1) Georgia Tech - seems to be very ambitious to me
2) University of California, Los Angeles - also seems to be very ambitious
3) Brown university
4) University of Southern California
5) Ohio State University
6) University of California, Irvine
7) University of California, Santa Barbara
8) North Eastern University
9) North Carolina State University
10) SUNY, Stony Brook

In addition, I need to know few opinions about adding any of the universities like UT-Austin, Universiy of Pensylvania, Univ of Florida, Univ of Minnesota-twin cities, Purdue, PennState, Rutgers.

Also please let me know which of these are safe,mod and ambi..
Thanks in advance..