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Thread: Profile Evaluation for M.S in Game Development/Computer Security/Computer Science

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    Profile Evaluation for M.S in Game Development/Computer Security/Computer Science

    Hi, Here's my profile:
    University - VTU
    Course - B.E Comp Sc.
    percentage - 65%
    paper publications - 1
    Certificates in debating and quizzes
    Certifications in sporting events
    GRE - Q164 V161
    TOEFL - yet to take

    How much of a chance do I have of getting into USC Viterbi School of Engineering, UCLA, Caltech, Georgia Tech, University of California - San Diego?
    and if I can apply to Stanford, MIT, University of Pennsylvania, Yale as ambitious universities?
    Your help is appreciated

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    Very impressive GRE scores

    Avg GRE for Univ as a whole
    Caltech 158v+166q; UCLA 155q+161v; UCSD 154v+160q;Georgia Tech Instt:155v+161q.

    Stanford:158v+163q; MIT: 157v+162q

    As regards Masters in Comp Science: Georgia Tech Inst, Yale, and university of Pennsylvania are grouped under the category of universities for score of 325 to 333.
    Stanford, MIT, Caltech, UCLA, UCSD are grouped under the category: above GRE score of 333.
    USC falls in the group of score range from 320-325.

    The following are a few of the Universities which are grouped under GRE Score category 320-325 University of Delaware

    University of California – Davis

    University of Colorado –Boulder
    University of Notre Dame
    University of Chicago
    Lehigh University (PA)

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)
    University of Cincinnati
    University of Florida; Gainesville
    Washington University St Louis
    UMASS Amherst
    You may note that University of Cincinnati is very generous in extending financial aid to masters students. Please see this link: One US University with 2000 Graduate Assistantships each Year.

    Good luck.

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    and also what do you think about University of Washington, Seattle?
    So I should be applying between 320-330 range universities? Where >325 fall in ambitious category?
    and also
    University of Delaware
    University of Notre Dame
    Lehigh University
    University of Cincinnati
    are low ranked for my profile?
    If you could tell me 3-4 ambitious and 3-4 moderate universities as safe you have already given, that would be wonderful.
    Thank you for the advice, really helpful
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