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Thread: Student Visa Doubts.. Urgent pls Help!!

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    Student Visa Doubts.. Urgent pls Help!!


    I have a few qns regarding my F1 visa stamping.

    I am on a H4 visa currently and I have got admit to do MS in 2 universities and I have selected a university to pursue my graduate studies. Since I am in India now my university advises me to get my F1 Stamping here. Here are a list of my doubts

    1. I have got my admission for fall 2013 which I have deferred to Spring 2014 due to personal constraints. Do i have to specify this to the visa officer and is there a seperate I20 that I have to get from my university.

    2. Me and my Husband who is on a H1 have our visa valid till SEP 31 2013, but we also have a I797 that has a proof that our visa is extended till Dec 2016. If I am attending my F1 visa interview before SEP 31, will our I 797 be a proof that says that our visa is still valid?

    3.My father in law is going to sponsor 10 lakhs for my education and the rest by my husband. So is it ok if I show the visa officer my father in laws financial proof in Indian money and our bank account details for the rest or should I transfer my FIL's money to our American Bank account and tell the officer that my husband is going to fund my complete education.

    4. In case my visa is rejected, will I be able to stamp my F1 visa on my existing H4 visa in the US and study there?

    Thanks in advance
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