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    without gre

    hi am applying for work study program(MBA) in coleman university, Sandiego, calfornia am applying through htir.gre/gmat is not required for admission but this month 29th am writing my IELTS. what is the visa acceptance rate for that university if i apply only with IELTS will i get the visa. i completed my M.Tech in Electrical Engineering and have 18 months of exp. please let me know your feedback..

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    Quote Originally Posted by amar7171 View Post
    I would suggest to directly apply for universities and I would Suggest ITU in San Jose as It is WASC Accredited.

    There are 6 Regional Accreditations in USA and university should have atleast one regional accreditation if your degree is to be valued a good degree... WASC is one of the regional accreditation and that is the whole reason why I suggested International technological University in San Jose, CA

    Regarding work Study Program... You should know that HTIR promises of work guarantee is not exactly work guarantee. You are shelling out thousands of dollars for something you are very uncertain about. I was planning to come here through HTIR long back but i figured out its not worth so I just came here directly...

    Why Coleman ?? I believe its privately accredited. Secondly there are other universities like National and southern state in san diego. But San Diego does not have lot of companies out there.. You may find it difficult to find jobs just in San Diego when you get work authorization (CPT or OPT or H1B). Try universities in Bay Area... Silicon valley, NPU and others... However, I would say choose something that regionally accredited and ITU in San Jose is Regionally Accredited. I am studying here and I find it very good ...

    FYI, Bay Area has lot of international students and its a technological hub ... You will find lot of people who can help you in job as long as you are authorized to work...

    but again ... Choosing a university blindly through HTIR does not sound right to me ... Contact ITU if you looking for further information .. or (888) 488-4968..

    hi amar thank you so much for the reply. why i choose htir is since its a work study program and if i get a job there i can complete my masters with the money i get paid there. I completed my in electrical engineering and working currently. am not at all interested in electrical sector that's the reason am trying for mba there and once get the visa i l shift to msit program. what u said is right getting job is difficult but am really not interested in doing a general ms again coz i already done my post gradutaion. what about ITU is there any work study program in the university..

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    Roshkiran: Please exercise judicious consideration on going ahead with ITU San Jose. The standing of the University is not yet established. Please see the link:
    International Technological University Ranking

    The question one should ask is : In today's scenario, whether MS frorm ITU would add strength to one's resume.

    Remember the proverb: think before you leap.

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    stay away from itu: warning signals in web world:

    pl see the link which contained exchange between "danik" and "chemical" (quoted)

    Anyone got CPT from ITU, san jose?

    Quote begins:

    Posted by Danik (8) 21 Aug 2013
    to chemical:


    FYI, ITU got WASC accrediation this year and they are pretty much strict as any state university. You have to be on F1 to get CPT and have to be registered for 3 courses. (2+1CPT) yes they give CPT from the first semester and many students who dint get H1 are enrolled for 2nd masters including me. they are flexible when it comes to classes since they have weekend full day classes which are 8 hour classes a day - Saturday & Sunday. Of course they wanna retain their WAASC accreditation so they are too strict on attendance, they take attendance twice a day. Only advice is get I - 20 from college go to INDIA for stamping , dont wait in USA for change of status as it might take 6, to 8 months, still you can attend classes on H4 while waiting for F1 but you cannot get CPT. so go to India once you get I - 20 , worst case if your F1 is not approved/stamped in India then you can come back on H4.(but if you present your case well there is less chance for failure)
    good luck & all the best
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    Posted by JoeF23 (401) 21 Aug 2013
    to Danik:

    yes they give CPT from the first semester

    No REAL university would do that.
    ITU continues to be a shady institution.
    An ICE raid is likely still in their future, because ITU apparently still violates the rules.
    Thank you for showing that ITU is still shady, despite them having gotten accreditation.

    People should still stay far away from this institution.

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