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Thread: Please evaluate my profile.

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    Please evaluate my profile.

    Hello folks,

    Please evaluate my profile and let me know if it fits for Indiana University at Bloomington for School of Informatics and Computing.

    GRE: 308 (Q:158 V:150 AWA:3.0)
    TOEFL: 104
    Acads: 77.2%

    -> Did Internships at Internshala (a startup in Delhi), University of Hyderabad (Natural Language Processing) and Eduron e-Learning Private Limited (a startup in Vijayawada)

    -> Built a web portal for students of my state which receives about 20 visitors a year.

    -> I'm presently working at Google, Hyderabad in Operations. So by the time admits happen, I will be one year into Google.

    Thanks in advance.

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    sCHOOL OF Informatics and Computing in Indiana Univ Bloomington is now under the Department of Information and Library Science. The minimum requirement for information science stipulated by the university is 297 (verbal 153 and quant 144). Your score in gre v at 150 is in 44th percentile while the univ's minimum requirement of GRE v at 153 is in 58th percentile. The shortcoming in your GRE verbal score vis a vis the minimum stipulated by the University may prove to be tough to overcome. It is anybody's guess whether a very strong SOP and reco may help in your favour.
    Good luck.

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