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Thread: Profile Evaluation for admitting in cs in spring 2014.

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    Profile Evaluation for admitting in cs in spring 2014.

    Hello everyone,

    my gre score is 299 (verbal138 + quant161),
    my ielts overall score is bit low,it is 6,
    my B.Tech percentage with CSE as branch is 66.07 (with 8 backlogs all cleared).

    plz evaluate my profile and suggest me good universities....i want to apply for spring 2014..suggest me whether to retake ielts or not..

    Thanking everyone in advance....

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    From academics and GRE point of view the following universities will suit you.

    Northwest Missouri
    Univ of Central Missouri
    Lamar Univ
    Coloroda Univ CoSprings
    Boise state univ, idaho
    East Tennessee Univ
    Univ of south dakota
    Univ of Wyoming

    If your marks when converted to US GPA is 3.25 or above, you may think of Univ of Southern Mississippi.

    As regards IELTS, you may take a call on repeating the after perusing the following two articles by Shri Cherkuri Ajay on the subject:

    IELTS Universities for Score 6.0 | US Universities
    180 IELTS Universities for IELTS Score 6

    Suggestion: Getting an unconditional admission (i.e. admission without any rider on obtaining the required level of scores in ielts/ toefl) should be your aim.

    Good luck.

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