Hi i'm in a situation and i'd like to know if it hampers my chances for a masters degree in USA.I'm yet to complete my engineering which i should been done with 3 years ago ,so,i'm going to complete my engineering in 6 years.I'd like to know the magnitude of years back affect which i can only guess is going to be very high.Does a good gre score and TOEFL make up for all this "years back".Am i even eligible?Are there any instances where a candidate like me got into any university in USA.Yeah and the thing is i have done my Diploma with Electronics and Communication as my specialization and Btech with Information Technology as a specialization(now, you see the problem , why all this mess).I was somehow much more comfortable with Electronics and Communication than IT. Now,i'm planning to do my masers in Communication.I have my Communications basics very much right.So, i consider applying for masters in telecommunication or wireless communication.What do you have for me now?Please, first the big question.I see my situation will definitely cause a problem what i'd like to know is in what magnitude and how does it trouble me in admission evaluation and visa interview(Only Being optimistic...Just assuming i make my way all through the admission process to Visa interview.thank you.