GRE : Quant :161 ; Verbal :158 ; AWA :4.5
TOEFL : 112
UG Percentage : 74%[VTU]

One of my biggest concerns is that I'm applying for MS in Mechanical Engineering [looking to specialize in Fracture Mechanics], while I'm doing my BE in Industrial Engineering and Management. How much of an effect would this have?
These are the universities that I'm looking to apply to. Please tell me which ones are optimistic, which ones moderate and which are unrealistic.

1) University of Minnesota Twin Cities
2) North Carolina State University
3) University of California San Diego
4) University of Texas at Austin
5) Purdue
6) SUNY Buffalo
7) University of Wisconsin, Madison
8) Texas A&M University, College Station
9) Arizona State University
10) Virginia Tech
11) Ohio State University
12) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I've done a one-month internship at Federal Mogul Goetze India and I'm currently working on a project at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore. I don't know how much this would help, but I was also the chairperson of the SAE Club in my college.
I was part of a team that won the 'Best Paper' award at the International Conference on Advanced Materials, Manufacturing, Management and Thermal Sciences 2013. I was also the leader of the team that finished second in the Global Challenge Award 2009.
In addition, I have attended a technical workshop on CNC Programming.

LORs: Two from college, one from the project I'm working on at IISc, one from Federal Mogul Goetze and one from the company where I'll do my final project.

PS: The above listing of universities is NOT my order of preference.
Please evaluate my profile ASAP. My email ID is