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Thread: CS Profile Evaluation: Fall 2014

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    CS Profile Evaluation: Fall 2014

    GRE: 317 (Q-167, V-150, AWA-3.5)
    B Tech: 85%
    10th: 72%
    12th: 85%
    MAJOR: Information Technology
    Applying for FALL 2014
    Experience - 2 years in IT

    Below are the list of shortlisted universities. Please suggest ambi, moderate and safe universities list.

    University of Illinois Chicago
    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    University of Texas Dallas
    Rochester Institute of Technology
    SUNY Buffalo
    University of Florida
    Ohio State University Columbus
    Arizona State University
    University of Texas Austin
    University of California-Berkeley(University Of Southern California)
    University of Washington
    Cornell University
    Carnegie Mellon University
    Stanford University
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Stony Brook University
    Northeastern University
    University Of Southern California

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    plz reply...

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    SUNY Buffalo,arizona state university,University of Florida,University of Illinois Chicago,Rochester Institute of Technology(very safe),University of Texas Dallas(very safe)

    moderate:southern california,SUNY stony brook,Ohio State University Columbus,Northeastern University,University of Washington

    rest all are ambitious.few are too ambitious like University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign,texas austin,University of California-Berkeley

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