Please correct my knowledge about bank statement, we provide to the university, which is written below:
#The University evaluate your profile, sends you acceptance letter, and ask for bank statement, next
# you show them bank balance euivalent to first year fees and living expenses
My questions are:
#Do you have to show the bank history of previous 6 months? or just a present bank balance?...Someone I know, told me that You have to show them bank balance with 6 months history, is that true?
#You don't have a sufficient bank balance and you are counting on study loan from an Indian bank. How can you provide a bank statement in that situation, because loan is provided only after you get i20 but you get i20 when uni check you bank balance.
# What amount of Bank balance is sufficient to show if you university expenses for first year are 25,000 to 30,000 US Dollars?