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Thread: Evaluate my profile for third attempt in JAN 2014

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    Evaluate my profile for third attempt in JAN 2014

    Hello Ajay Cherukuri,Please answer these queries. Deadlines are near for jan 2014.

    B.E. mechanical 2011, 6.4/10
    GRE 309:-146 V,163 A,3.0 writing
    TOEFL 89:-25-R/W,22-S,17-L

    -In college done one national and international project(been to USA for that)-vehicle designing and fabrication.
    -Done diploma in product design and analysis(CAD/CAE packages)
    -Worked as mechanical engineer for 4 months.(paid).
    -After that,as a trainee engineer for five months-doing projects on CAD/CAE packages.
    -After that for one year, i am doing design projects on CAD softwares, participating in international design competitions-designing automotive vehicles,mechanical machines etc.
    -Currently working as Design engineer from May till date.

    Applied to the following univ for fall 2013
    -Univ of Michigan Ann arbor.
    -Univ of buffalo
    -Univ of Illinois,Chicago
    -Wayne state univ(admitted) chosen one for both attempts.

    First attempt:
    Asked about my admits,-told
    why the chosen one,-told
    when graduated, -told
    what after that,-told
    and finally rejected with 214b and tick on the second option on 214b

    Second attempt:
    where going-told
    for what program-told
    age(24 yrs)- late for studies-explained
    grad pecentage-told cgpa
    backlogs-told 4
    what reasons for backlogs-told
    and sorry not qualified for visa and 214b is given.

    So i have some questions
    -Can i apply for third attempt for Jan 2014 intake?
    -Do i have to change the univ for third attempt?
    -How to transfer SEVIS for that?
    -Wayne state has a option with which application fee is valid for 4 consecutive terms.If i get admission in wayne state but chose another one for third attempt, will this create any problem?
    -If i add some docs to make sure that i come back to India after study,how can i point out for that?

    -What univs to chose for jan 2014 intake?
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    please reply

    Ajay and other experienced users
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    Below are the universities that i have shortlisted

    Michigan state university--MS in mechanical
    Clemson University--MS in mechanical
    Illinois Institute of Technology (Armour)--MS in mechanical and aerospace engg
    Stony Brook University–​SUNY--MS in mechanical
    University of North Carolina–​Charlotte (Lee)--MS in mechanical
    George Washington University--MS in mechanical
    Auburn University (Ginn)--MS in mechanical
    University of Virginia--MS in mechanical
    University of Alabama,Huntsville--MS in mechanical
    Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis--MS in mechanical
    Syracuse university--MS in mechanical and aerospace engg
    Wayne state univ--MS in mechanical engg

    Please reply which univs i should apply.
    Also tell if syracuse and IIT chicago has good reputation for the above said programs.
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