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Thread: Branch change from CS to AUTOMOBILE -- URGENT

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    Branch change from CS to AUTOMOBILE -- URGENT

    Dear Sirs,
    I have completed my BE in Computer Science with an aggregate of 59%. I am interested in automobiles as i tend to read a lot about them. I was considering an option of doing my MS in Automobile/ Automotive related programs. Its not that i dislike Computer Science, only because of my interests from a young age towards automobile, i would like to know if such a branch change is possible and what necessary steps must be taken, ur replies would be valuable, thanks

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    You can change the branch by applying to Automobile Branch.

    There are relatively less number of universities which offer Automobile Engineering as a branch, so you have limited options.

    In your SOP (Statement of Purpose), you have to present a very strong reason for the branch change to get the admission.

    And, when you take up the courses, there will always be some courses (subjects) that are "Pre-Requisites" for the courses you take.
    Clearly, you have not completed those because you studied Computer Science in your Engineering. So, you have to take up those also.

    In short, you will have double work.

    Hope this helps.

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