My profile is as follows:
B.E. (CS)- 70%
GRE - 320 (Verbal 159, Quantitative 161, Analytical 3.5)
TOEFL - 106
Work Experience - 2 years

I am interested in pursuing M.S. in Computer Science or others which fall under the same domain. Could someone please advise me as to which universities would I be eligible for as per my scores, including possibly the top ranked ones? Also, which ones would be more likely to provide scholarships/ funding (full/partial) as well as research assistantships?

Also, if there are courses where I get to pursue Computer Science as well as something along the lines of Journalism, it would be a good alternative.

I would like to apply for either Spring or Fall 2014. On an average, how many universities should I be applying to? Could someone please guide me regarding the university options?