Hello all,

My name is Hardik Madhu
I am engineering student passed out this year. I am planning to go to US for MS (computer science) next fall.

I have

83% in 10th
61% in 12th
7.33/10 is my graduate aggregate (upto 7th sem, because 8th sem results are not out yet, and most probably i will reach 7.5)

Due to my low grades in 12th, I think I will have some problems in getting admission to a good university ( am i right?? ). I want admission in one of the top 30 colleges of US.

What GRE and IELTS/TOFEL score should i target??

I am ready to sit back for 1-2 years and work in industry (i have some good job opportunity in my field). I have heard that this experience helps very much. Is that true?? How much can it help??

The field in which i did my final year project is very demanding, and a lot research can be done in that field. Will it help if I publish a research paper in a national journal???

What else can I do to get admission in top 30 colleges???

Please reply, Thank you in advance.