Hi everybody. Just done with my F1 visa interview for PhD program at University of Illinois at Chicago. Interview was on June 27th. The initial processing from document verification took time but the visa interview went smooth.
VO : Goodmorning
Me: Goodmorning how are you doing
VO: I am doing great, how about you, please hand me your documents.
Me: Handing over the I-20, SEVIS, Passport and admit letter, I am great!
VO: So which program are your going for as he continues typing
ME: I am going for a PhD program
VO: Which course
Me: Pharmacology
VO: Any other schools your applied
Me: yes, answered...
VO: Which school you going to?
ME: answered
VO: So it is a fully funded program
ME: Yes
VO: How much was your GRE score?
Me: Answered with all the sub scores
VO: Okay you are almost done, just have to do this last step, please wait , someone will call your name (I course knew it was the 221g questionnaire).
Me: All smiling thank you so much, I should wait here
VO: yes definitely smiling back

So then a person calls out my name at different counter and hands over the original document, keep back the passport and asked me to submit the answers and it should be done =)

I left all happy, so hope the processing gets done soon.
All the best to everybody!