My F1 Visa Interview experience. VISA APPROVED on 14th june chennai US Consulate - dheeraj

Consulate : chennai
Time : 8:30 AM

checked in at 8:00

at starting i felt happy by seeing 2 people from my place that is bangalore, i talked to them but they didnt responded well, then i simply moved on queue.
after some time i went to counter they asked to arrange my documents in order,, then i moved to another counter
there they verified my photo and finger print, at that time i ws little bit tensed by seeing other faces.

then i moved to another queue that ws for visa interview

when i ws standing in queue, i saw other student whose visa interview is going on, he faced lot of questions by seeing that i ws very much tensed

then my token no came, the consulate ws very much cool,

me: hi good mng sir.
he: didnt replied.
he: hw many universities u applied
me: 5 sir
he: ur undergraduate %
me: 67.76%
he: any backlogs
me: no sir
he: wt will u do i give u visa
me: my sole aim to get into US is to get MS degree not to work there
he: ur visa is approved

i ws full happy moved from there.

be confident, cool, and luck also plays important role