I am applying for MS in CS
My GRE Score: 324 (VERBAL-159, QUANT- 165)
Academic Profile:
B.Tech - 74%( expecting to get an increase of atleast 2-3%) affiliated to JNTU( my biggest pitfall is this)
11th and 12th- 85%
SSC- 92%

Academic Project- Research project "Quality Assurance in Agile"

Additional projects-1) "Hacker Detection in wireless sensors- single and multi sensor networks"
2) Project Development in Agile at CMC ltd.( I am not sure if this one adds any weightage)

SOP- Written my me, highlighted my work regarding projects
International papers- none

Extra-cirricular activities- Active, organized several technical events

Here is a list of universities, please evaluate my chances. This is only a tentative/temporary list, I will have to move several univs off the list.

Rutgers state university
Arizona state university
University of Arizona
University of texas, Dallas
Stony Brook University
University of california - irvine
University of cincinnati
MUST, rolla
University of southern California
University of florida, gaineseville
Iowa State University
Univ of IOWA
University of Chicago
Univ of Illinois Chicago
New York University(not poly)
Univ of texas- arlington( I knwo this one is safe)

I am thinking to apply for a total 7 or 8 universities
Also, please suggest any more universities suitable and please be realistic
Thanks in advance