Hello everyone.
Please evaluate my profile. I will be applying for fall 2014 fro PhD only.
IELTS: 7.5
CG: 8.1 (upto 6th sem) (Toppers CG = 9.6)
Extra-curricular: loads of ECs are there, national level stuffs (no worry about it).
Social services: Again loads.

Projects: 4 proper projects, no mini project, 3 at IIT, 1 at my college NIT Trichy (all related to systems and control).
Memberships: IEEE, CSS, ISA.
Papers: 1 paper presented at IEEE international conference. Got Travel Award for that. Another one is sent and is under review.

Now I have finalised these universities, please select 7-8 (at max and if possible in order).

Georgia tech
michigan, ann arbor
Univ. of Illinois urbana champaign
Texas College station
Minnesota twin cities
Colorado boulder
Penn state

My guide, who has taught previously at syracuse and michigan ann arbor, is suggesting me to give a shot to 2-3 top universities as well, like stanford, mit, caltech, ucb and princeton. Please comment. Also, I just finished my 6th sem. So, no work experience. Hopefully, this should not be a problem. Please reply asap