Hey hi,
My name is Pratik Shah. I have just graduated from KK Wagh College, Nashik in the stream ENTC. I am applying for MS in Industrial Engineering for Spring '14. I have shortlisted 6 Universities and need you guys to help me out in classifying them as ambi,mod or safe.
Following are my Acads:

BE ENTC-aggregrate 52% (2 years down)
Work Experience-NIL
Extra Curricular Activities- Loads of certificates in various technical events and in sports.

Following is the list of 6 Universities:

1.Oklahoma State Univ
2.Wayne State Univ
3.Wichita State Univ
4.Univ of Texas Arlington
5.Texas A & M Univ Kingsville
6.San Jose State University

If you have any other Universities that you think might be worth applying for IE please feel free to mention them.

Your help is highly appreciated.