Hello Experts,

This is my first post on this forum and with that i am stepping into the 9th year of my career. Some of you may find it amusing that what am i doing on this site (or may be i am too skeptical). But truth is that i perhaps believe that i am at cross road of my career where i need to decide whether to continue with same mundane routine work or to look out for new paradigms full of challenges and uncertainity. Currently i am working as an Architect with one of the prestigious MNC in india.

Having said that, i am here to seek your advice if

1. GRE is a right option for me. One thing i am sure that i am not a management guy. I am technically sound.
2. Hence what are the option for me if i aim for admission in US universities. What universities should i target and are there any universities which offer advance course on Software Architecture field.

Thanks for your help in advance,