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Thread: Urgent: Waiting for the Admit Letter, I-20 already in hand!

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    Urgent: Waiting for the Admit Letter, I-20 already in hand!


    I got the I-20 and am still waiting for the admit letter to arrive in mail. Can I go for visa interview without this! Time is running out and since I am a PhD student, I might be subjected to 221g. Any suggestions!

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    Sorry i can't answer ur question but mine is little relevant to u, if u cn help me. I got refused on the basis of 221g. I had applied for MS (for studies), i wanted to know how graduate students applying for masters (studies) be rejected??? R going to take the admit letter with u or there is some option that comes while visa application form filling using which we can upload our resume, research work and invitation letter....

    I am asking u this because at the time of interview i had sop and resume with me.... do u think if i had showed it to her it would have helped me and make her take the green form of 221g back?

    Please it would be very grateful of u to help me.....

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