Hi guys,

Kindly take a look at my profile and university shortlist and tell me what you think.

GRE: 1430(800 quant) revised to 166 quant+162 verbal
TOEFL not taken yet
UG: in CSE from NIT Durgapur 7.94 CGPA .Topper: 9.1

University List:

1)Georgia Institute of Technology
2)North Carolina State University
3)Rutgers University
4)SUNY Buffalo
5)SUNY Stony Brook
6)University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
7)University of Minnesota Twin Cities
8)University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
9)Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
10)Colorado State

Other details:

Project on clustering algorithms in ISI in 3rd year

one national conference paper from Final year project on Load Balancing in mobile communication

Currently working as Software Engg. in Wireless Networking team at Cisco India(joined in June,2012 after finishing undergrad)