Hi Friends,

Good Morning to all!, I have a question and I will be very much glad if someone answers my questions. They are these :

1. Do we have to apply for transcript of PC[provisional certificate] also apart from applying for transcripts for semister marks in b.tech? plz clarify.

2. In b.tech lateral entry there are only 156 credits total, and I heard somewhere that a total of 200 credits is needed. Now for this do I have to get transcript of my diploma also[polytechnic]?

3. I am a 2006 pass-out, and almost all of our professors aren't working in the college that I studied presently , in this case how can I get recommendation letters?

I will be very much thankful for all the help. Plz do clarify me especially about the transcripts as am willing to go and take them on this monday. My question abt transcripts again is do we have to apply for transcripts of PC as we apply for transcripts of semister marks. say if i apply for 10 transcripts sets of semister marks memos, do I have to apply for ten transcripts of PC also becoz the transcript application gives a column about transcript for PC also.. thanks..