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Thread: Please evaluate my profile. Urgent need. Thanks

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    Please evaluate my profile. Urgent need. Thanks


    This is Aravinda here.
    I gave my GRE way back in 2009 - 1020(710+310)
    TOEFL yet to give. I am not expecting to score less than 80.
    My acads are 69.1%.
    Working in an MNC for the past 1year.

    I would like to apply now to Universities in America, to this Fall 2012.

    Absolutely unaware of which state would be better and which all universities which course too....
    I dont understand where to start.

    I approached some consultancies, they suggest,

    Alfred University, Alfred.
    Clevelan state university.
    National University, La Jolla.

    I by myslef am intersted in University Of Illinois,Chicago.
    Otherwise, Souther Illinois University, Edwardsville is another choice.

    Kindly help me out find a reliable college.

    Awaiting your swift response.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Red face

    Aravinda ,

    When Are you Planing to give the TOEFL ? you have very less time and also which consultancy offered you these colleges ? whats the name of the consultancy and where are they located ?

    you have very less chances with the university of Illinoins , chicago !! you can apply for that college , some times they consider the application since you have a working experience and good academic Background .

    i suggest you these following universities !!!

    Northern Illinois University
    George Mason Universoty
    University of Alabama-Huntsville


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    Hi Naveen,

    Very thanks for your quick and kind suggestion.
    I am appearing for my TOEFL on March10th.
    I can only apply after i get the score i guess.
    Can you please tell me on keys areas where i can concentrate more to score really well in TEOFL since my GRE is low.

    It is some consultancy close to my place suggested these unversities. Why? Why did you ask so? Are those perviously suggested universities not good ones? Please guide me.

    But i could somehow get some other universities now.
    Can you please tell me if i can get admission any one of these.

    Kent State University.
    Kansas State University.
    University of New Haven.
    Pittsburg State Unisersity.
    Southeast Missouri University.

    Please let me know.
    Thanks once again.

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