This is Aravinda here.
I gave my GRE way back in 2009 - 1020(710+310)
TOEFL yet to give. I am not expecting to score less than 80.
My acads are 69.1%.
Working in an MNC for the past 1year.

I would like to apply now to Universities in America, to this Fall 2012.

Absolutely unaware of which state would be better and which all universities which course too....
I dont understand where to start.

I approached some consultancies, they suggest,

Alfred University, Alfred.
Clevelan state university.
National University, La Jolla.

I by myslef am intersted in University Of Illinois,Chicago.
Otherwise, Souther Illinois University, Edwardsville is another choice.

Kindly help me out find a reliable college.

Awaiting your swift response.

Thanks in advance.