I have completed my Bsc in Computer science with 70 % aggregate and MCA with 8.3 / 10 GPA. I have almost 4 years of work experience in IBM as a application developer and I wanted to peruse my Masters in Information Systems had have received admissions from German Universities. Since I already hold masters from India , VO doubt about my travel and rejected my Visa for 2 Masters. So I reached out the University and Professor from University issue a letter stating the difference in the 2 Masters and requested the VO to issue the letter which I submitted during my Second appearance for VISA at German Consulate. But still the german VO rejected the VISA.

Phd is not my Option and I am more interested in pursuing MS in Information Systems. No more I can apply for Germany so I would be left with option for US and UK. So I would like to know if I would face similar issues in US and UK Visa Embassy? If So How I would need to work to overcome this hurdle ? Please Help...!

Thanks in Advance..!