Hi I had my VISA scheduled for 30May,2013.My profile:-
Applied for MS in CS syracuse University.
GRE:- 323/340
Colg %age:-80.18

Had a 11.30 PM slot. Finally gt the interview call at 1.30.Interview:-
The VO officer was a young lady probably in mid 20's

Me:- Good Afternoon Mam.

VO:- No response. Can you pass me your passport please.(Gave the passport)

VO:- So whats your purpose of coming to the United States.
Me:- For pursuing Masters in Computer Science from Syracuse University,Newyork.

VO:- Why Syracuse
Me:- Described the reason in detail.Emphasize on the research part ,faculty.(I had kept my ace card for the end)... Moreover Syracuse Is offering me a 50% scholarship in advance that really helped in making a final choice..

VO:- (With abundant laughter)Now that is a real reason for going to school..
Me:- Gave a short smile..

VO:- So who is going to fund your colg education??
Me:- My father is going fund all my expenses:- educational & living..

VO:- So What do you plan to do after pursuing MS.
Me:- I plan to look for a job in a MNC in India and in time open something of my own.. also added a bit about the growing Indian Economy..

VO:- So Ok Pranav Don't Freeze .. Im issuing your VISA .. Come collect your passport after three days..
Me:- Thanks ..thanks a lot..

VO:- But let me warn you Newyork is very cold ...

All this happened in less than 1 min she didnt ask for a single document..

I immediately called my mother after the coming out and she started crying as if I had climbed the Mount Everest.