Visa interview

Visa Attempt - 4th
status - approved
Mumbai consulate
Date - 21/05/2013
Time - 7:45 am
Cleveland state University
MS in Mechanical
FALL 2013

Window no. 30
A fair lady around 32 years old

Interview started as follows:
Me - A very Good Morning to you officer.
VO - Good Morning
VO - Pass on your I-20 & passport
Me - passed the documents
VO - so you are going to Cleveland
Me - yes mam !!
VO - why this university ??
Me - explained 3 important points here to the officer
1) how your interests for the field developed
2) ongoing researches & facilities at the university which excited you for the university you are going
3) had a discussion with the prof. Of the university related to ur field thats why opted to pursue your masters in that university
VO - was convinced with these answer asked me about who will sponsor my education?
Me - my parents are sponsoring me as well as i am supporting myself
( guys keep in mind those who are working in any company for more than a year tell the VO About the savings you made during your tenure while you are working Which shows that u want to surely go for MS )
I explained VO about my savings account balance, FD's & LIC policies surrender value generally the liquid assets we show should be 20% more than the amount mentioned in I-20.
VO - closes the lid from where we pass our documents
Switched off the microphone
Called one officer discussed with that guy for few minutes about my case checking something on the computer screen
Later on after few minutes typed something
Switched on the microphone
& again asked me the same question about my sponsorship!!!
Me - I was tensed for the same repeated question asked & explained the VO all the details again
I think the VO wasn't able to get my earlier explanation so explained this time in more proper way
VO - very much convinced with my answers a smile was there on her face & asked next question
How many times was your VISA rejected earlier ??
Me - here, i was totally anxious about the answer & told her mam last year 3 times my VISA was rejected.
VO - finally last question
What after completing your master's ?
Me - mam i would like to fetch some professional experience where i can get good opportunity & can explore myself.
VO - in which country you would like to work?
Me - obviously in India
Here in the above question what after MS
Never give the answer that i will be coming back to India & will do this & that
Always Give answers in a diplomatic way.
VO - ok sir, I approve your Visa & returned the I-20 & told me that you will be requiring the I-20 form at USA airport. Please keep it safely.
Not even a single document was checked by the VO except my passport & I-20.
Be confident & have a smiling face
Dress up properly in a semi casual way with clean shave(boys) & polished shoes.
Its neither tough to go through the Visa nor that much easy also !!!
Best Luck for the Interviews !!!