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Thread: University Selection

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    University Selection

    Hi all ,

    Please help me out here

    Which is better for MS in CS

    Northern Illinois University (NIU)


    Indiana University Purdue University , Indianapolis (IUPUI)

    Please reply guys

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    There are 2 ways to go about this questions.

    First and foremost, choose the university which provides you with exactly the same specialization, project/thesis track, scholarships you need. A lower ranked university with your desired course is far more better than a top 10 university which barriers your potential interest.

    Second, have a look at various rankings out there like usnews, shanghai, etc. They may assist your university search effectively. For ex. I looked at usnews that IUPUI does not have a national ranking but NIU has been ranked 189.

    I am sure these tips may help you out.

    Best of Luck!!


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