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Thread: Visa accepted fall 2013 with low gre - 291 date - 16/05/2013

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    Visa accepted fall 2013 with low gre - 291 date - 16/05/2013

    Hi All,

    I would like to share my US F1 VISA experience which I had today because most of the posts here in was useful for me. Hope my experience helps a few. Ok here it goes.

    My details:
    GRE 291 (145-Math ; 146 - Verbal) -> My only negative point in my profile
    TOEFL - 100

    My OFC was on the 15th . My slot was at 9am. I reached the consulate by 7am which was not required. There was a huge queue with people in all slots standing there. First the 7.30 slot people were called. Then the 8am and 8.30 am . Then was my turn. I was asked to keep my VISA Appointment letter, DS-160 Confirmation and my VISA Fee receipt ready. I went inside got a security check done and then was asked to get inside a room which had 10 counters with each counter having a camera and a finger print scanning machine. I went to counter 6 gave him the appointment confirmation , DS-160 and VISA fee receipt confirmation page. Then he took a pic of mine and also the finger prints. That was all for the OFC . Next day was the big day.

    I was a little afraid because my GRE scores are low.

    I went to the consulate at 6.30 am which is again not necessary. If your slot is at 8.30 am you can reach there by 7.30 am. Please do not waste your time by reaching there way ahead of others. It will be of no use. This is atleast true with the Chennai consulate. Exactly at 8.15 I was called in. There was a counter where a person checked my documents, bundled them and asked me to leave to the hall where the VISA interviews were taking place.

    My number was 83. I calmly waited for my number and i was asked to go to counter 22.

    The person there looked happy Here goes my interviews.

    VO: Hello
    Me: Hello Sir, Goodmorning.
    VO: Hand over me your documents please. I handed over the bundle which had my gre toefl college provisional mark sheet. He carefully looked at my score cards and asked me why is your MATH score low.
    me: I was prepared for this question and i said i left few questions unanswered thinking of answering them later but then the timewas up.
    VO: He gave me a smile and then he asked me how many collegers did you apply for?
    Me: I applied for 4. and i mentioned all the university names and since i had admit from 2 un iversities i mentioned that also .
    VO: Ok. So since you are going to the D.C do you know any famous personality there other than the president.
    me: :| :| :| puzzled, confused, errr..... I said yes Sir i know Abraham Lincoln and John.F.Kennedy.
    VO: He laughed. What are your plans after finishing yoru studies?
    me: I am planning to come back and join the same company ivebeen working in for the past 2.5 years.
    VO: OK. Then he was typing something and i was standing there with no clue . Then he asked do you know any one there in the university. Mention 2 names.
    Me: I said 2 names of the school official.
    VO: Any alumni you know there?
    me: I know students who are currently pursuing their masters there. NOt sure about the alumnis sir.
    VO: I think you have not got what i asked.
    me: Again puzzled :|
    VO: I am from washington DC as well. Though now i am working here. So i would like you to go there and have a great learning experience.
    me: I was like... OMG... Is he approving my VISA????
    VO: I am approving your visa. Please come and collect it after few days
    me: ThankYou Sir.

    He never checked my funding documents.

    There are some reasons where rejections take place but i think if we are confident nothing should go wrong. There is nothing to be afraid of. I felt everybody in the consulate were cool and friendly. But again it depends. I wish everyone all the very best for your VISAQ interview. Remember, Confidence is the key.Stay cool. Take all the documents because you may never know what they will ask. Be prepared. Do not give them mugged up answer. Be cool and talk what comes to your mind. The day is yours.
    Hope my interview helps .

    Any doubts please reply to the post. Will be happy to help you out.
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