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Thread: Chance at the following Univs

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    Chance at the following Univs

    I have got a GRE score of 316, and I haven't written my TOEFL yet (Will be writing in August'13). I have 83% in Electronics and Telecom Engg, & 3 yrs experience in the Telecommunications industry.

    I 'd like to pursue MS in Electronics engg in the foll Univs
    1. University of California, Berkeley
    2. University of Illinois, Chicago
    3. Ohio State Univ
    4. University of Houston, Texas

    Do you think I have a chance with my GRE score,in any of the above universities, or am I being too ambitious?

    Thank You

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    Congratulations on your GRE and Undergrad score. Try to get good score in TOEFL. Based on your scores, we believe you will get an I-20 from Univ of Houston and Univ of Illinois Chicago.Good luck!

    BTW, if you need any further information regarding admission process or have any questions regarding MS in US, please reach out to us at *********


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    MS in US Fresher
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    May 2013

    Thank you so much for the reply.

    I 'd also like to know if there are any other universities ( other than those I had mentioned earlier) where I have a chance, considering the scores I've mentioned earlier.

    Thanks again.

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